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Soft Platter (small)


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This platter is loved by any dog of any size, but is perfect for those little mouths. This platter provides the perfect “good dog” treats – perfect for training your pooch! Packed with small chews, a bit of crunch and with a bit of fur thrown in, your dog won’t be left disappointed.


  • Suitable for all dogs 12 weeks and over
  • All produce is locally sourced to support local farming
  • 100% natural treats made with only the finest quality British meats
  • Grain and gluten free


  • Packed with protein and glucosamine to support joints and build strong bones
  • Promote strong bones and teeth
  • Healthy oils and fats to improve skin and shiny fur
  • Great source of iron and zinc, vitamin B
  • Rich in Omega 3 and 6
  • Fur reduces worm count
  • Great for training

Soft Platter (small)

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