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Are you fed up of feeding your dog poor quality treats that have no health benefits? Do you want the best, highest quality, 100% natural treats for your dog? Then look no further than Doggy Poppins.

Doggy Poppins is a family run business with one aim – To promote health in dogs and to educate the world as to the importance of feeding your pooch only the best quality products and ingredients. With a wide range of knowledge and expertise within the health industry, you need go no further than Doggy Poppins for your doggy needs.

Poor quality shelf products that we often see in all shopping aisles are commonly packed with sugars and fats that can lead to behavioural problems, cancer and other health concerns. Our 100% natural treats are British & EU approved products. Our gourmet sausages, made with only the finest quality British meats that are not only wholesome goodness but also support the British farmers and meat industry.

Our products promote your dog’s health in many ways, such as; improved bowel functions, heart, brainpower, skin and coat – and let’s not forget these treats are free from additives and preservatives!

So throw away those nasties and treat your dog, no matter what age or size, to one of our Doggy Poppins treats – We know your dog will woooooof them!